Thursday, August 10, 2006

Got my Rolling Stones Tickets

I'm in the dirt track section at Churchill Downs. Tickets were only $99 apiece. (Hahahahaha.... I said only). For the convenience of using a website and having my tickets mailed to me, I paid just shy of $40 in ticketmaster charges.

One day I'd love to know why this continues. Call me weird, but I wish they'd just bury the stinkin' charges in the price of the tickets, rather than rubbing it in my face.

The seats should be pretty good. By my estimation, I'm less than 200 feet from the stage (assuming the tracks are truly 160 feet wide combined.)

My wife said Terry Meiners said something funny yesterday. Instead of offering a student discount, the Rolling Stones should offer an AARP discount.

Joke all we want, these guys seem to have a better record of surviving their tours than the 20 somethings on American Idol.

And assuming they still make the show (and with 5 million to make, I bet they do). I'll finally get to knock one of my goals off my list at

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