Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lexington Crash of Comair 5191

I'm watching Comair President Don Bornhorst talking about the crash of Comair 5191 that crashed this morning in Lexington, KY, about an hour away from Louisville. WHAS 11 is showing video of the crash site taken by Reed Yadon, who appears to be the only pilot who got decent footage of the site. The "intact" plane looks like it burned up rapidly. The roof missing. It's not clear if it burned off or was removed by rescuers. For lack of a better cliche, it's almost surreal to see an accident in this state.

The accident appears to have been caused by the unthinkable, going down the wrong runway.

It's an intriguing dance watching the airline and airport authorities having to give news conferences, but refusing to give much information, allegedly to not speculate or hinder the investigation, but certainly so that they can keep their legal impacts to a minimum.

With 49 people dead, I'm sure that this accident will impact someone I know. There have been reports that a UK baseball player was on board who was just married. That report disappeared later in the day.

My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone involved, including the victims, the rescuers, the responders, and the people at Comair.

Interesting fact, this is the first major crash in the US since a crash 10 days after 9/11.

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