Friday, January 18, 2008

Kroger Plus Card

Not to Kroger. When I'm trying to unload a cart full of a $200 worth of groceries, please don't hold up the entire order until I pull out my Kroger Plus Card. You'll get it, trust me. I don't care if once in a blue moon your system messes up. Just wait.

Friday, January 11, 2008

PETA -- People Enjoying Their Attention -- Eat a bucket of beaks for Lindsey Rajt

Ever pay attention to the people of PETA? Sure there are some celebs. Most are of the messed up, attention seeking kind. Just like their rank and file. The latest is Lindsey Rajt, a self professed 25 year old vegan whose myspace page says that Lindsay Loathes KFC. This sad individual who obviously joined PETA so she could call attention to herself, was busy highlighting a headstone that PETA had placed in Cave Hill Cemetary near Colonel Sanders' grave. No doubt she or a cohort called the news to get the cameras there before she started.

In laborious tones, she looks at the Wave 3 reporter with the seriousness that only a 25 year old girl whose listened to too much Tori Amos can muster. She angles her head slightly to let you know that you shouldn't find the fact that she's painting a fake headstone sad and says, "It's a monument to the nearly 1,000,000,000 chickens who are tortured and killed for KFC restaurants every year."

PETA is not a constructive organization, nor do they add anything to the plight of animals. Honestly, (with apologies to A. Whitney Brown), I think that these people don't love animals as much as they hate plants. I'm thinking that when they eat a salad, they're thinking, "Take that you worthless piece of spinach!" Isn't there something that all of these people could do with their time and money? Like adopting stray animals, running spay and neuter clinics, or researching what really went into KFC's Chicken Littles.

Grow up Lindsey. If you don't want to eat chicken, don't. If you want to call attention to your cause, do it like an adult, not with some You Tube worthy prank.

In the meantime, bring on the nuggets.