Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kroger Plus Card -- HELP

Can someone explain to me why the brilliant cashiers at Kroger come to a dead stop in scanning your groceries until you produce your "Kroger Plus Card"? This is the card that claims to provide you awesome savings, but often merely takes the price of an item down to what it really should be.

I know that the card works at any point in the transaction. Is it that they don't want you to see how inflated their prices are at the end? (You can knock 20 or 30 off a cart full of groceries if you wait until the end to scan it). Is it that the cashiers get in trouble if they don't ask for it and receive it in the beginning?

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Anonymous said...

Bet I have bagged my own grocries 14 times in 1 1/2 yrs. (bagger was working anouther lane) Why I do this is so the people behind me and myself can get done quicker, and I dont like the plastic bags anymore, the items roll out all over the inside of car. But my main gripe is I barly get to write in check book register what I just spent on a.t.m. when I feel their trying to shove me out the door. Just let me write the amount and close my wallet please, I'll be gone a.s.ap.