Thursday, June 29, 2006

Right Wing Wackos At the Pub

As I was walking to the library, I saw a minivan with all sorts of anti-abortion bumper stickers plastered to the back, a bumper sticker that said something really odd like, "Breasts are for feeding babies, not for display or men's amusement", and finally, one that said, Irish Rover. They must be so proud.

Better Ingredients, Better To Almost Knock You On Your Butt

As I was walking out of a conference today above Vincenzos, I almost ran headfirst into a guy. I said excuse me and he said excuse me, and I got down six or seven steps and thought..... That's Papa John!!!

Papa John Schnatter. Looks like the guy in the commercials, only younger. I wish I'd have asked for his autograph or said, "Love your pizza." Why, I'm not sure. I wondered if he thought, "did that guy know who I am?" or did he even care. Some parts of being relatively well known must really be a drag.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here we go again. Shane Ragland

--Shane Ragland Released from State Custody
Michelle Rauch
WTVQ Channel 36
Jun 23, 15:56 PM EDT

The man convicted of the 1994 sniper-style killing of U.K. football player Trent DiGiuro is back in central Kentucky, ready for a new trial.

Last week the state Supreme Court upheld their earlier ruling that overturned Shane Ragland's 2002 murder conviction.

Ragland appeared before Judge Clark Friday morning... a little thinner and backed by a new defense team.

High profile Frankfort attorneys Guthrie True and William Johnson who defended Ragland in 2002 and handled his appeal are out. Bowling Green attorney David Broderick is in.

Shane Ragland's father would not say why he has hired a new team.

"You do anything you can for your children, everything. And that's it, that's what we're doing. period," says Jerry Ragland.

During Friday morning's hearing they set a date for next week to talk about bond.

The defense also said a motion is forthcoming asking to move this trial out of town.

Jerry Ragland said he wants this next trial to be "out of reach of U.K. and the media.'

Commonwealth attorney Ray Larson said in court they will be opposing the defense motion for bond. but other than that he isn't saying much about this new trial.

"At this point I'm not going to talk about this case anymore. Our goal is to try this case as quickly and expeditiously as we can. That's the plan. It doesn't do one bit of good to talk about it in public," Larson said.

Trent DiGiuro's family isn't talking either, but they are here, watching and waiting to see what will happen the second time around.

Shane Ragland's family is confident a second trial will be in their favor.

"He's been wronged and we want to make it right," Ragland said.--

As I've pointed out elsewhere in my blog, Shane Ragland deserves no bond. Is anyone else willing to bet that as soon as he gets out on bond, he'll run afoul of the law somehow? The kid is a menace, and Jerry Ragland's desire to "... do anything you can for your children, everything. And that's it, that's what we're doing" has only said to his son that he can do no wrong. Maybe Jerry needs to stop coddling his adult son, stop working to undo his every mistake, and let him be a MAN on his own without the influence a Frankfort power broker wields.

Again, I hope that this trial runs smoothly and fairly. I'd hate to see him get off on another technicality AGAIN.

Monday, June 26, 2006

In the Get a Life Category.....

Guys who stand outside adult bookstores taking pictures of patrons, part of a very slow news day on WDRB.

Visit their site at

Seen and Heard Around Town

Why is it cars with Safe Auto stickers on them typically aren't?

After a trip to a Wendy's where the girl behind the counter looked like she'd been stunned with a cattle prod and couldn't hear anything I was saying, I saw the sign on their roof: "Now Hiring Friendly Faces." Here's an idea: "Now Hiring: People with IQs approaching triple digits".

Speaking of that, in my latest trip to McDonald's in Fern Creek(yes, I'm eatin' good in the neighborhood), I had the following experience.

The girl in the drive through was yelling at the customer that she couldn't understand what she was saying. The ironic thing was that it came out of her mouth as "I ca unerthan wha ya sayih." My guess is that she had a decent size tongue piercing impeding her speech. I can only imagine what it sounded like on the other side.

While I was waiting for the food, a woman came up and asked for a manager. It seems her granddaughter was followed into the restroom by their cleaning guy. I'm sure it was an honest mistake. Just like I'm sure he had legitimate immigration status.

Later that day, I went to get glasses at Dr. Bizers. They were quite nice, but while I was looking for frames, there was an obnoxious guy with his wife who kept saying, "Damn I hate looking for these things." He bitched about every frame he put on and to her credit, the woman waiting on him was more patient than I would have been. He put on several pairs and said, "I look like a retard in these!" each time. Others were met with incredibly dumb attempts at humor. He was there for a good 45 minutes trying to find something to his liking, grumbling all the way. He even mentioned, "I almost went to my ex-wife. She works for Bizers on Preston." If I were the woman waiting on him, I'd have said, "you had a failed marriage? Who would have guessed." His current wife must have been an angel, because if I acted like him, my wife would have left me there and never come back.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Let it go.......

The 6 O'Clock WLKY newscast led off with the "Big Story" about two kids who were hit while on a bike in Fern Creek. The story said both are facing paralysis because of the accident, and mentioned the women, who were flanked by Christopher 2X in the story, are talking about legal action and believe the police haven't done enough in investigating the crime. One mother's said that there were plenty of people willing to come forward as witnesses to say that the woman was at fault.

While I certainly feel bad for the kids and their parents, it angers me that neither woman seems to realize (or at least is willing to speak to) the following:

Both kids were riding on one bike.
One kid was standing on the wheel of that bike.
The accident occurred on a stretch of road that no cyclist has business being on.
I don't believe either child was wearing a helmet.
The report at the time of the accident was that witnesses said she had the right of way.

When I was a child, we hardly ever left the neighborhood on our bikes. While we didn't wear helmets, we certainly would have these days. And my mom had set pretty clear boundries that she would have busted my behind had I crossed them.

This is what it is, a tragic accident. As a parent, I can only imagine what they're going through. But misdirected anger doesn't help the situation one bit.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Should I rename the blog the Carrie Weil / Kevin Harned Blog?

Sheesh. Of all the search activity in recent days, I still get most of my visits from people looking for info on Carrie Weil and Kevin Harned's divorce or Terry Meiners' divorce.

Don't know what happened in either case, although I heard through the grapevine that in one case recent high profile divorce, certain people got too involved in a story. Cannot confirm that it is true.