Friday, December 14, 2007

Led Zeppelin at Churchill Downs -- You Heard it Here First

Don't be surprised, if the Led Zeppelin tour comes to pass, to see Churchill hosting its third mega British act since turning the track over to concerts.

Winter Storm may be Headed This Way

My forecast:


Footage of people buying bread and milk, even if they never eat bread or drink milk. Interviews with dumb guys who drive SUVs who say, "I drive an SUV, so it doesn't really bother me."


Lots of snow, followed by hours of coverage telling us we got snow, followed by burn in of school closings on your new widescreen HDTV.


Meteorologists telling us why we didn't get the snow they predicted.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Arthur Blank on Michael Vick....

Can't wait to hear this one tomorrow.....

Let's assume he's out for three seasons... 7, 8, and 9. If he doesn't watch himself and eat a lot of fried chicken and fries. Of course, if he comes out at 215 pounds, he's not going to be the same athlete he was.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Oxmoor Toyota -- Truth in Advertising -- Total Disclosure Sale

Just heard another booming ad from Oxmoor Toyota on Channel 3. They're advertising a total disclosure sale. Not many details in the voice over except a gem that says, "when it comes to the price, we'll disclose everything, then you determine how much we make."

Wow, sounds like I'll get a list of everything they paid for it, all rebates and incentives they'll get back, and be able to name my price.

But wait.... through the magic of TIVO, we find out what Total Disclosure means in the fine print:

"Total Disclosure includes: Down payment, tax, title, license, interest rate, length of financing, dealer fees, and special benefits package if applicable. "

In other words, total disclosure is the details of the deal you made with Oxmoor Toyota. Wow, you can't get that with just any dealer. Oh wait.... you can.

But heck, why let the deception stop there....

Oxmoor Toyota says they're "Your number 1 Toyota dealer."

Ooops... there's fine print there to: "Based on new light truck retail sales in Cincinatti region for 2006."

Do yourself a favor and find a reputable dealer to buy from. If there is ANYONE who has had a pleasant experience with a Farmer dealership, I'd love to hear about it. I've not heard anyone say anything good about a dealership with Oxmoor in the title. Including the salesmen.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Worst Person in the World -- Ryan Lambourn of Australia

A note to anyone on the planet who ever wants to hire Ryan Lambourn of Australia, formerly of the United States. Do not hire him. EVER! Ryan Lambourn is the creator of a video game called V-Tech Rampage, which glorifies the killings of 32 students at Virginia Tech. To help you identify him, he's pictured to the left. He's 21 in 2007, which means he was born in 1986 or 1985.

Not content to just make the videogame, he decided he'd try to make a profit off of it. He's asking for $2000 to take the game down, and $1000 extra to apologize.

In short, he's an opportunisitic jackass who wants his 15 minutes of fame.

Some quotes from this genius:

"No one listens to you unless you've got something sensational to do." he said. "And that's why I feel sympathy for Cho Seung-hui. He had to go that far."

"ATTENTION ANGRY PEOPLE: I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i'll take it down from here if it reaches $2000 US, and i (sic) will apologize if it reaches $3000 US."

"You do it for some negative reaction, to laugh at. You do it for other people who have the same tastes as you do because they get a laugh out of it as much as I do."

So, if you want to hire a guy who finds the murder of college kids amusing and laughable, feel free to hire Ryan Lambourn. But realize what you're getting.

Horror: VT video game relives rampageBy Jessica HeslamBoston Herald Media Reporter
Thursday, May 17, 2007 - Updated: 05:24 AM ESTWith the wounds still fresh less than a month after the Virginia Tech rampage, a sickening amateur video game simulating the nation’s worst school shooting - and the wails of terrified students - has wound up on the Web.
“It’s so contemptible it’s beneath response,” said Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker.
Called “V-Tech Rampage,” the player uses a computer keyboard to shoot fleeing students while pretending to be the gun-totingSeung-Hui Cho, who murdered 32 classmates and professors before killing himself April 16. One of the victims was Ross Abdallah Alameddine, 20, of Saugus, whose mother declined to comment.
The video game boasts “three levels of stealth and murder” and is set to Collective Soul’s “Shine,” a song with which Cho was obsessed. The player maneuvers Cho around an animated Virginia Tech campus and even into Norris Hall, where most of the killings occurred. It also depicts a dorm and post office, where Cho mailed NBC a violent multimedia manifesto.
The creator of the game, Ryan Lambourn, 21, lives in Australia but grew up in the United States. Lambourn recently posted his homemade video game to the Web site, whose founder didn’t return an e-mail.
The game starts by showing Cho in his dorm room and these words first appear: “The pawns are all in place, the time has come that I may finally send my message to all the world.” The text then explains that Emily - a reference to Cho’s first victim, Emily Hilscher, 18 - stayed overnight with her boyfriend Karl, and he’d be dropping her “off at school as always.”
“I just take care of Emily and the pigs will be busy with Karl, an avid gun collector, for the next few hours,” the text reads.
The game harasses players, saying, “You let Emily get away.”

Northup--Hoover -- Is she even trying?

I've never been a huge fan of Anne Northup. But her activities this campaign have been downright odd.

First, she ignored the LEO's request for information about her views. Not too difficult to believe, because she hates the paper.

Then she ignored the Courier Journal's request. I know that there are some who believe that the CJ is a liberal fishwrapper, but it seems as though it would be wise to talk to the biggest paper in your hometown.

Her commercials give little information about what she would do for Kentucky. And her response to the LEO's endorsement of Harper is more attacks on Fletcher, little about what she'll do for the state, other than be a fresh alternative to Fletcher.

Northup either feels she'll win without breaking a sweat, or she doesn't really want the job. What I find odd is that Northup has a rather detailed list of things she'd like to accomplish on her website. Why not tell the world about this?

If you can't bother campaigning and putting your ideas out there when the local media is trying to give the city a comparison guide, you don't deserve winning an election.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shane Ragland comes to Louisville for a New Trial

Shane Ragland is being granted a change of venue to Louisville for his retrial, which seems like a mixed blessing. I wonder how hard it has been to keep him out of trouble in the run up to the new trial. Rereading articles about Shane Ragland's charmed existence, I couldn't help but think of Paris Hilton. Shane appeared to believe that the laws didn't apply to him, and the actions of the court seemed to back him up. Even after he was arrested for the murder of Trent DiGiuro, he violated the conditions of his bond at least 50 times, including failing sobriety tests, and reporting in from places he was not supposed to be. He did all of these things without facing any consequences. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Jerry Ragland being one of the state's largest landlords at the time of his release, and his being well connected in the state capitol.

I hope Shane Ragland gets a fair trial and the justice he deserves, and that the case is judged on the evidence presented. But I think it is sad that Shane Ragland's other crimes were treated with hardly a slap on the wrist. You and I would never be granted the same consideration.