Friday, November 30, 2007

Oxmoor Toyota -- Truth in Advertising -- Total Disclosure Sale

Just heard another booming ad from Oxmoor Toyota on Channel 3. They're advertising a total disclosure sale. Not many details in the voice over except a gem that says, "when it comes to the price, we'll disclose everything, then you determine how much we make."

Wow, sounds like I'll get a list of everything they paid for it, all rebates and incentives they'll get back, and be able to name my price.

But wait.... through the magic of TIVO, we find out what Total Disclosure means in the fine print:

"Total Disclosure includes: Down payment, tax, title, license, interest rate, length of financing, dealer fees, and special benefits package if applicable. "

In other words, total disclosure is the details of the deal you made with Oxmoor Toyota. Wow, you can't get that with just any dealer. Oh wait.... you can.

But heck, why let the deception stop there....

Oxmoor Toyota says they're "Your number 1 Toyota dealer."

Ooops... there's fine print there to: "Based on new light truck retail sales in Cincinatti region for 2006."

Do yourself a favor and find a reputable dealer to buy from. If there is ANYONE who has had a pleasant experience with a Farmer dealership, I'd love to hear about it. I've not heard anyone say anything good about a dealership with Oxmoor in the title. Including the salesmen.

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