Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shane Ragland comes to Louisville for a New Trial

Shane Ragland is being granted a change of venue to Louisville for his retrial, which seems like a mixed blessing. I wonder how hard it has been to keep him out of trouble in the run up to the new trial. Rereading articles about Shane Ragland's charmed existence, I couldn't help but think of Paris Hilton. Shane appeared to believe that the laws didn't apply to him, and the actions of the court seemed to back him up. Even after he was arrested for the murder of Trent DiGiuro, he violated the conditions of his bond at least 50 times, including failing sobriety tests, and reporting in from places he was not supposed to be. He did all of these things without facing any consequences. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Jerry Ragland being one of the state's largest landlords at the time of his release, and his being well connected in the state capitol.

I hope Shane Ragland gets a fair trial and the justice he deserves, and that the case is judged on the evidence presented. But I think it is sad that Shane Ragland's other crimes were treated with hardly a slap on the wrist. You and I would never be granted the same consideration.

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