Thursday, May 17, 2007

Northup--Hoover -- Is she even trying?

I've never been a huge fan of Anne Northup. But her activities this campaign have been downright odd.

First, she ignored the LEO's request for information about her views. Not too difficult to believe, because she hates the paper.

Then she ignored the Courier Journal's request. I know that there are some who believe that the CJ is a liberal fishwrapper, but it seems as though it would be wise to talk to the biggest paper in your hometown.

Her commercials give little information about what she would do for Kentucky. And her response to the LEO's endorsement of Harper is more attacks on Fletcher, little about what she'll do for the state, other than be a fresh alternative to Fletcher.

Northup either feels she'll win without breaking a sweat, or she doesn't really want the job. What I find odd is that Northup has a rather detailed list of things she'd like to accomplish on her website. Why not tell the world about this?

If you can't bother campaigning and putting your ideas out there when the local media is trying to give the city a comparison guide, you don't deserve winning an election.

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