Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cricket Promotions Get Out Of Hand

I understand the need for companies to get the word out about their services in unique, buzz creating ways. And who am I to complain if the new to Louisville cellular phone provider Cricket Wireless wants to sell 99 cent gas at various spots around town. But I have to draw the line at their latest gimmick, releasing thousands of crickets around town.

As I was mowing the grass today, I saw swarms of them. Not surprising, since Cricket has an office not far from where I live. Little ones, bigger ones. All jumping everywhere I looked.

I guess what they're thinking is that the unceasing racket they create at night will cause you to look up that old buddy from college to help talk you through the evening.

Of course, dealing with Crickets is much better than the cockroaches I've been dealing with at Cingular.

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