Sunday, May 28, 2006

Random Thoughts Today

Random thoughts from Caesar's Indiana.

Why do I bother going? Why not just send them $50 bucks every six months in the mail and save the gas money.

What do they put in buffet food that makes me eat less of it then I would at a normal dinner? And why is it that I wind up loading up on the cheapest stuff available when I'm there?

Could the soap dispensers in the bathrooms BE more suggestive? Of course, I realize this observation is lost on most of the patrons of Caesars since they don't wash their hands.

A lucrative job.... the wheelchair concession at Caesars, followed by cigarettes. Nothing more inspiring then a guy in a wheelchair with a cigarette in his mouth trying to run over you to get to the buffet where he can shove 17 pounds of bacon into his face.

I may have lost $100 today, but I got them back by drinking 48 cups of free soda.

Why is it everyone looks so grim coming in? It's the most miserable looking lot of people I've ever seen coming to have fun.

Wouldn't it be cool to hotwire one of the free cars they're giving away and drive it out of the building?

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