Sunday, May 14, 2006

Churchill Downs -- Payin' for the Twin Spires

I love visiting Churchill Downs and betting on the ponies. And the new renovation has turned some of the track into a great place to visit. But........... a few complaints.......

1) What's up with the prices? $3.50 for a large soda? $4.50 for a smallish piece of Freschetta Pizza? Freschetta Pizza for cripes sake!!!! That's FROZEN pizza I can buy at Kroger for LESS than the cost of a slice.

2) Am I alone in feeling like the architect of Churchill Downs was MC Escher? The shortest distance to two points involves 14 flights of stairs, all of which wind up getting you 5 feet from where you are.

3) Would someone please get some better video cameras and TVs? I noticed during Derby Day at home and during our trip there today that it is near impossible to tell where your horse is during the race.

4) How about making the Twin Spires card a bit easier to use. Unlike a slot machine, the idea between the machines at Churchill is to get in and get out as quickly as you can. When you've got 4 people behind you, sometimes that card is the last thing you think about getting out. I lost about $20 worth of bets because I kept forgetting the dumb card.

5) Am I alone in missing Pat Day?

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