Friday, May 05, 2006

Derby Cruising -- Cop Style -- Who's in the limo?

While taking a trip to Oxmoor today, I heard a sudden burst of sirens behind me. My wife and I were on the Hurstbourne lane exit to 64 west, waiting at the light. The sounds got closer. Where the heck was he? Suddenly I saw a Jefferson County cop drive up in front of all lanes of traffic at the stop light, pull his car in the way of one of the lanes, and get out. The guy in the SUV in front of him looked scared, and I thought there would be a confrontation. Then another one blazed up and blocked the exit from 64 west to Hurstbourne. What was this? A drug bust? A fugitive roadblock? Then, a large Free Enterprise bus blew through the intersection, as did several cop cars and several huge limos. When it had all blown by, the cop got back in his car and sped off.

Who was this? Surely a celebrity wouldn't be worthy of such ridiculous police behavior. Was it someone in Government? A secret celebrity?

Later we saw a Escalade SUV Limo that was about three times the normal limo length, pull out of a Dairy Mart across southbound Hurstborne, causing me and one other guy to have to come to a dead stop. As the big limo then blew through a red light, leaving my 4 1/2 year old to say to us "How does he park that thing in his garage?"

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