Sunday, April 09, 2006

Terry Meiners -- Jealous Much????

Those of us who remember the 80s remember the great radio shows of Ron Clay and Terry Meiners. Their "Morning Sickness" made us laugh. When Terry split to "go legit", Ron managed to carry on, and Terry reached much higher heights in his own career. 20 years ago, Terry was amusing on WHAS, poking holes in local politicians, serving up silly bits, and having generally amusing conversations with local people. Apparently, as his public recognition increased around town, so did his own ego and pompousness. Terry on his soapbox is a sight to behold, as he bashes "liberals", "shock" jocks, and anyone else that annoys him without a hint of wit. The hypocritical Meiners loves to attack Howard Stern and others for crude radio, apparently ignoring his own racist, homophobic and generally sophomoric radio show, and apparently not reading his own website.

Here's his latest rant about Stern, posted on his redesigned website, which appears to have had any reference to his wife annulled from it.

wednesday, april 5, 2006 howard stern is complaining to media outlets because only four million subscribers followed him to sirius satellite radio, which will affect his compensation. stern scolded all of the "cheap bastard" former free radio listeners who've resisted paying $13 per month to hear him say the f-word. five years from now, the f-word most commonly applied to howard will be "forgotten." apparently one new york homeless man spoke on behalf of the millions of former stern loyalists by spitting on stern and his girlfriend in manhattan last saturday night. the man was arrested for commiting the ultimate crime; trying to spitshine new york city. once he's released from jail, the homeless man says he plans to leave a trail of loogeys to lead katie couric from rockefeller plaza to the cbs building 8 blocks away. oh, and that homeless man? dan rather.

First, the quote is out of context. In the EW story, it's presented as Stern's own nutty obsession with domination and how he can't be happy with what he has. Secondly, I find it hard to believe that Meiners would find it funny if someone spit on his sons, wife (assuming their still married), or anyone of his friends.


alphawoman said...

Do you remember when Ron and Terry jumped radio stations from LRS to QMF and the name changed to "SHow with no name"? Do you remember that Ron's father was a legend in LA? And that his Dad would sit in when Terry went on vacation. I remember Phone Fool like it was yesterday. I think Ron died of cnacer in the early 90's. I think Terry abondoned him. (to go legit?) He's a big fish in a little pond.

Anonymous said...

Meiners is a closet homosexual who gave bjs to the StX football team