Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Zap Cars -- Are we being taken for a ride?

Buried within a WAVE 3 story was a mention of a Wired article on Zap Cars that paints an unflattering picture of the car and its capabilities, as well as the integrity of the company.

It also had the CEO apparently lying about Wired retracting that article, and comparing statements the company has made about the car to the EPA's fuel economy estimates, which he said were made based on "optimum conditions."

Maybe someone should tell the CEO that the EPA now bases its estimates on real world conditions, and the numbers on the window are far closer to reality than ever before. Additionally, this is an apples to oranges comparison. The fuel economy statements don't say on them, "Warning, this car will no longer hit 55 MPH if you're going up a hill 10 minutes into your charge."

I have to wonder if this company isn't simply searching for a good deal from a state that it can swindle out of incentives. I think we need to work on attracting real businesses with a strong business model.

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