Saturday, June 17, 2006

Let it go.......

The 6 O'Clock WLKY newscast led off with the "Big Story" about two kids who were hit while on a bike in Fern Creek. The story said both are facing paralysis because of the accident, and mentioned the women, who were flanked by Christopher 2X in the story, are talking about legal action and believe the police haven't done enough in investigating the crime. One mother's said that there were plenty of people willing to come forward as witnesses to say that the woman was at fault.

While I certainly feel bad for the kids and their parents, it angers me that neither woman seems to realize (or at least is willing to speak to) the following:

Both kids were riding on one bike.
One kid was standing on the wheel of that bike.
The accident occurred on a stretch of road that no cyclist has business being on.
I don't believe either child was wearing a helmet.
The report at the time of the accident was that witnesses said she had the right of way.

When I was a child, we hardly ever left the neighborhood on our bikes. While we didn't wear helmets, we certainly would have these days. And my mom had set pretty clear boundries that she would have busted my behind had I crossed them.

This is what it is, a tragic accident. As a parent, I can only imagine what they're going through. But misdirected anger doesn't help the situation one bit.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%.
It's time the parents are reprimanded for not teaching/enforcing safe behavior in the kids.

I'm 35, and just as you, my mom too had strict boundaries and expectations of conduct - that I too would have faced her wrath if I crossed them.