Monday, February 06, 2006

Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant

I recently went into the Double Dragon restaurant on Taylorsville Rd., jonesin' for some Chinese. I got beef and vegetables and my wife had just some veggies and rice. As I stood there waiting for our food, I had the following thoughts about Chinese Restaurants.

1) Why is it that every Chinese restaurant, no matter what its age, seems to have the same faded pictures on its display menu (posted over the counter) and yellowed out letters and prices?

2) Do Mexican and Chinese restaurants all buy preprinted menus from the same place and make exactly the same things in each location?

3) When did fortune cookies become so vague? "You will do something today" isn't a fortune, it's a given.

4) How come there only seems to be one brand of soy sauce and mustard at these places?

5) WHy hasn't Lou Reed done a commercial for PF Chang's called Wok on the Wild Side.

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