Friday, December 16, 2005

Holiday Shopping Shout Outs

Some local people I'd like to give a shout out to this Christmas Season.

The jackass who "designed" the parking lot for Mall St. Matthews (which has always struck me as pretentious). The entire front perimeter going left is a mass of blind spots that require you to stick your front end out to see if its okay to get out, and the lack of speed bumps guarantees that you'll have to enter the main ring of traffic at highway speeds or die.

The guy who backed into my mother in law's new car at the Hurstbourne Wal-Mart and didn't leave a note. May you be rear-ended by a bullet train with a spear in the front, and not while you're in a car.

The idiots at city/county zoning who allowed an entrance every 27 inches along all major shopping roads in eastern Jefferson county, but only giving about five car lengths of turning lanes at major intersections, thus ensuring bottle necks.

The twenty five people in line for Wal-Mart's layaway. Still don't understand layaway, especially at Wal-Mart. Why not just start a savings account and save some money and THEN buy it. It's like buying something new at a pawn shop. So bless you for being patient to buy your own stuff this year.

The Salvation Army guy at the Hurstbourne Wal-Mart. Your Ho Ho Ho made me smile. It's cold, people are cranky, and HE's still happy. God bless YOU!

The idiots who put lights at major intersections WITHOUT turn arrows. There's nothing like that near fatal mating dance of two cars meeting at an intersection wondering if they can trust the lack of a turn signal to mean that they're both going straight. A special shout out to the guys who put the lights in at Hurstbourne and Stony Brook and the five second light that lets out traffic from Pier 1 and Cherry Springs at Hurstbourne.

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