Saturday, December 24, 2005

Crooked Beak Can't Serve -- Supreme Court

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Laura Dern's uglier sister, Dana Seum Stephenson, can't serve in the 37th district election for state Senate, and neither can Democrat Virginia Woodward. In the meantime, the guy with the small heart and even smaller guyparts, homophobic Senate President David Williams sat in the wings and fumed because for once a Republican wasn't allowed to step all over the constitution and do whatever the hell he pleased.

I personally think the election should work like the Ms. America pageant. If the winner is disqualified, the runner up should take her place. The idea that because Dana Seum Stephenson chose to try and work the system in Indiana and try to claim residency in Louisville, the city/state should have to hold yet another election is just beyond me. At the very least, she should be held liable for the entire cost of both elections, since the first was a waste and the second was the result of her blatant disregard for rules. I'm just glad that daddy's name didn't get her the result she wanted.

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