Saturday, October 15, 2005

Louisville Zoo -- A Great Place to Spend the Day

Mrs. Crutnacker and Daughter Crutnacker took me to the Louisville Zoo today. We didn't go into their big exhibit this year, with the lorakeets, but we did walk the entire thing with my 3 year old walking most of the hills by herself.

We bought a yearly membership for $59, the cost of going twice in a single year, so it seems like a bargain. The sheer number of beautiful animals in the zoo astounds me for a city the size of Louisville. To get to see four tigers together, acting like kittens (big, scary, man eating kittens, but still....) was great fun, and both my wife and I said we could spend hours just watching them. We also enjoyed the Gorilla exhibit, which seemed more awe inspiring than the last time we saw it, as the sheer size of the gorillas was more evident.

If you live in Louisville and haven't been since you were a kid, take the time to make the trek.

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